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Vegan Cookbook For Beginners

RRP $16.99

Vegan Recipes Cookbook: Transform Your Life! 35 Recipes for a plant-based, oil-free diet - Menu Ideas for One Week Mix and Match as You Like! Eating a whole-foods diet without animal foods and added oils, less salt and sugar, and very few processed foods dramatically improves the health. The recipes in this book are based on a purely starch-plant based diet (diet based on whole starches, vegetables, and fruits) without added oils. All the recipes are quick and easy. Bestselling author, nutritionist, and advocate for health, nutrition and vegan diets A. I. Jaeger brings you this wonderful book where you will find 35 recipes based on scientific research (such as the starch-plant based Dr. McDougall program). These recipes are meant to be used to create a healthier 7-day meal plan. They are broken down into four sections: Breakfast, Snacks, Lunch, Dinner and Desserts (helthier options). Each section also includes two quick and easy recipes that can be prepared in under 15 minutes. Mix and match according to your lifestyle and create a meal plan that will work for you. In addition to being vegan-friendly, these recipes are also high-carb and low (or no) fat. Cheers to you for bidding goodbye to oil! Enjoy healthy, vegan, oil-free recipes such as: Blueberry Pancakes & Cookies Tortillas Vanilla Chia Pudding Mac n' Cheese Baked Sweet Potato Chips (the perfect snack!) Pesto Pasta Black Bean Veggie Burger Quinoa Teriyaki Lasagna Rolls Craving a delicious dessert? Enjoy desserts in healthier dairy-free, low-fat options such as: Peach Cobbler Raw Apple Crumble Dark Chocolate Brownies Chocolate Mousse Banana Cream Pie Apple Strudel And many more! Some of the features of this book are: - Includes many vegan mouthwatering meal recipes under 15 minutes - Suited for beginners and advanced cooks alike - All recipes include a photo - All recipes low fat or fat-free - All recipes include nutritional information The recipes in this book are based on a purely starch-plant based low-fat diet without animal foods and added oils. The recommended low-fat vegan diet is based on scientific research and recommendations by experts such as Dr. Neal Barnard, T. Collin Campbell, Dr. Michael McGregor, and especially Dr. John A. McDougall. Available as Kindle Edition and as Paperback.

Metal Detecting For Beginners

RRP $11.55

New to metal detecting? Want to start hunting without a long learning curve? This QuickStart Guide is short and to the point, intended to get the reader familiar with metal detectors, their operation and accessories, then into the field to find great stuff. Those who already have a detector and a few accessories can start reading this book over breakfast and be out in the field hunting productively before lunch.

This isn't an exhaustive guide to everything you'll ever want to know about metal detecting. It's not a complete course in treasure hunting. It's a quick but thorough read from a detectorist who's been swinging a machine long enough to know how to do it successfully, but who hasn't forgotten what it feels like to be just beginning and needing a way to start smart.

The 108-page softcover contains everything you need to get out there for a productive hunt:

  • a helpful glossary of terms
  • an overview of the hobby and various specialization options
  • information about equipment, hunting safety and etiquette
  • how and where to find places to hunt
  • cleaning, preserving and displaying your finds
  • a special bonus section contains resources about the hobby
  • nine black & white photographs and illustrations

The handy pocket-sized book is intended to be used, not just read. It has a film-laminated cover, providing greater durability for use in the field, and its 5 x 8 size is easy to fit in your field bag. It retails for $7.95 and readers will find extended information at its website, Detecting101.com.

Ketogenic Diet For Beginners

RRP $16.99

Ketogenic Diet For Beginners: A Low-Carb Journey towards Better Health

Drop the bowl of breakfast cereal. Dump the cup of coffee with skim milk down the drain. Fry up some bacon and have your morning java with heavy cream instead!Wait, what? What kind of nutritional advice is that?The pretty good kind, if you ask me. As a society, we've been taught that fat is bad for us and that we have to eat plenty of whole grains and carbohydrates in order to stay healthy. Yet Americans are overweight and plagued with diseases such as heart disease and diabetes. And even with obesity on the rise, we still reach for the low-fat granola bars instead of choosing fresh, whole, natural food.It's time for us to stop fearing fat. We need to challenge the belief that eating foods like bacon, heavy cream and even butter will increase our risk of high cholesterol and heart attacks.By restricting carbohydrate intake to just 30 grams per day, the ketogenic diet places a heavy focus on eating a high amount of fat and an adequate amount of protein. It encourages you to eat plenty of vegetables, meat, and full-fat dairy if you can tolerate it. It forces you to ditch the pre-packaged "food" that is all over food stores these days. Most of all, it teaches you to make smart food choices that keep your body functioning properly.This book will take you through an overview of the ketogenic diet, including a variety of diseases and disorders that can benefit from a low-carb eating plan; an explanation behind why eating too many carbs is bad for us; and provide tips and tricks to help keep you motivated. So grab a cup of tea with a couple tablespoons of cream, sit back, and learn how eating more fat can help keep you slim, healthy, and happy!

The Condemned Breakfast Ate A Hungry Man

RRP $18.99

The Condemned Breakfast Ate A Hungry Man is a nonsense story written in 2015 and ahead of the following year's US presidential elections. The story revolves around the happenings of a group of English people, who in the seventeenth century were forward thinkers and logical minds, calling themselves Logists. Their trials and tribulations over time are captured in this account as they rapidly catch up with the twenty first century and its perils.

17 Day Diet For Beginners

RRP $32.99

Being overweight is getting very common nowadays. The number of obese people is increasing quickly, many nutritionist and dietitian blame fast food for it as people eat more from fast food restaurants. Obesity itself is the major cause for many diseases such as heart problems, blood pressure issues, cholesterol problems etc. The choice is with the people whether they want to live a healthy life or just go along the way they are living. People who want to change their eating habits can still do it. All they need is the will power and a good diet plan.


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