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Bed & Breakfast And Murder

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Maggie was slowly becoming unsatisfied with Sunnyside, the island community in the Florida Keys that her and her husband Jim had been calling home for the past five years. She was hungry for intrigue and adventure and she wasn't getting it at the Bed and Breakfast they owned and operated. Even if it only lasted a weekend, Maggie was in search of excitement. So when her deceased grandmother's old friend suddenly hands her a set of mysterious files, Maggie is more than willing to dive right in and play the role of amateur sleuth. Only, as the pieces of the puzzle are put together, Maggie slowly realizes that this mystery hits closer to home than she would've preferred and it may be too late to back out now. With her best friend and neighbor Sophia's help, Maggie sets out into the town of Sunnyside to uncover the truth about a family tragedy, and gets a bit more intrigue and adventure than she bargained for!

Homogeneous Spaces And Equivariant Embeddings

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Homogeneous spaces of linear algebraic groups lie at the crossroads of algebraic geometry, theory of algebraic groups, classical projective and enumerative geometry, harmonic analysis, and representation theory. By standard reasons of algebraic geometry, in order to solve various problems on a homogeneous space, it is natural and helpful to compactify it while keeping track of the group action, i.e., to consider equivariant completions or, more generally, open embeddings of a given homogeneous space. Such equivariant embeddings are the subject of this book. We focus on the classification of equivariant embeddings in terms of certain data of "combinatorial" nature (the Luna-Vust theory) and description of various geometric and representation-theoretic properties of these varieties based on these data. The class of spherical varieties, intensively studied during the last three decades, is of special interest in the scope of this book. Spherical varieties include many classical examples, such as Grassmannians, flag varieties, and varieties of quadrics, as well as well-known toric varieties. We have attempted to cover most of the important issues, including the recent substantial progress obtained in and around the theory of spherical varieties.

Breakfast In A Flash

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"Breakfast is the most important meal of the day." We hear it all the time. Or, if there's one meal to eat, it's breakfast. Its benefits are vital to a healthy living; it helps boost your metabolism, and keeps your hunger at bay until lunchtime, letting you stay away from any unhealthy snacks. Unfortunately, despite how important a healthy breakfast is, very few of us tend to sit down and eat it (or worse, grab an unhealthy cream filled bagel or cereal bar). The main reason so many of us avoid eating breakfast (or worse, settling for unhealthy fast food) is because we simply don't have the required time. Now though, with Breakfast in a Flash, you can learn all sorts of recipes for delicious and appetizing breakfast foods that you can create in a short span of time. Great breakfast ideas include a quick omelet in a mug, several different ways to include fruit, and delicious muffins and pancakes that can be prepared on an earlier day for quick availability of a fresh, nutritious start to a busy day.You'll be able to utilize all the benefits that come from eating breakfast, from a better metabolism to avoiding unhealthy snacking before lunch, all without having to resort to greasy fast food or cream covered pastries.


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Cottage Breakfast Inn Beach Whale Watching
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Cottage Breakfast Inn Beach Whale Watching
Whale Holiday flat Bed Breakfast Orca Whale

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